Dave Belew on TvHamilton!

This semester, the Michael J. Colligan History Project and Miami University Hamilton Downtown have been excited to partner with the good folks at TvHamilton, presenting What’s Your Story?” Heritage Stories of Hamilton and the Miami Valley. Last night’s event, showcasing the life and varied career of former Hamilton Mayor and civic champion Ann Antenen was another huge success for the series, bringing a full house to MUHD.  The series continues on Monday May 28, 2012 at 7 pm (MUHD) when Paul John Stanbery, Music director of the Hamilton Fairfield Symphony and Chorale, Ohio Mozart Festival, and the Great Miami Youth Symphony discusses his life and work, and the importance of reaching young people with classical music.  This event is co-sponsored by Miami Hamilton Downtown and TvHamilton.

Meanwhile, February’s oral history interview with Dave Belew (above), former president of Beckett Paper, is now airing on TvHamilton.  Dave’s reminiscences of his time at Beckett and the industrial heritage of Hamilton are a genuine trove of our region’s history, and an important addition to our archives.  Watch him again on our website, or on Youtube, courtesy of TvHamilton:


1 thought on “Dave Belew on TvHamilton!

  1. Would love to see some of this years fair events for the older farmers and citizens that can’t go anymore. Stories about the old Hamilton with pictures, like the Lesourdsville lake. Just an idea.

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