Celebrating our Teachers!!!

Dear Folks,

This spring’s schedule concluded with the awarding of the 2012 Jim Blount Educator Awards.  The awards recognize “teachers whose inspired work stimulates historical inquiry and understanding.”  The prize is named in honor of Hamilton native Mr. Jim Blount.  A distinguished local historian, educator, journalist, and editor, Jim continues to lecture and write widely on the history of our community, and plays a leading role in Hamilton’s civic life.

Photographs of this year’s awardees and participants, courtesy of photographer Craig Rouse (click to enlarge):

L-r: Lance Allen Green (Freedom Elementary); Holly Templeton (Fairfield Intermediate); Jim Blount; Corbin Moore (Hamilton City Schools).

L-r: Holly Templeton; Jim Blount; Andrew Cayton (Miami University); Corbin Moore; Lance Allen Green; Matthew Smith (Colligan Project); Curtis Ellison (Director, Colligan Project)

With so many excellent teachers nominated, choosing our winners was a fraught challenge.  As Jim acknowledged at this week’s awards ceremony, however, the awards recognize not just individual excellence, but also the excellence of social science teachers throughout our region.

Following the awards ceremony, Dr. Andrew Cayton (Distinguished Professor of History, Miami University) delivered the keynote lecture, “How the Civil War Remade the United States.”  In a lucid and broad-ranging talk, Dr. Cayton challenged the audience to reframe their assumptions regarding the historical significance of the Civil War, placing it in the broader contexts of world history, the industrial revolution, and the civil rights movement.  His lecture also concluded the Colligan Project’s own two-year series “Hard Road to Liberty: Ohio and the Civil War.”  Further highlighting the Civil War’s sesquicentennial anniversary, Sam Ashworth of Hamilton’s Heritage Hall Museum curated a fascinating exhibit in the Harry T. Wilks auditorium, “The Butler Boys: Butler County in the Civil War, 1861 – 1865.”

Join us for another exciting line-up of events this fall,

Best wishes,

Matthew Smith,

Assistant Director, Michael J. Colligan History Project.

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