Hamilton’s 1913 Flood: Remembering 100 Years

Logos: Colligan History Project, 1913 Flood, and City of Hamilton


Centennial Commemoration of the 1913 Flood
Butler County Courthouse Lawn, 315 High St., noon.
City of Hamilton, Officials, Speakers, and Guests.

Monday, March 25 marks one hundred years to the day since the Great Miami Flood reached its high watermark in Hamilton. This keynote centennial commemoration is an opportunity to remember both a catastrophic event, which left hundreds dead and thousands homeless in the city, and how citizens of Hamilton and the region responded to it. Join us in officially commemorating the flood and its aftermath.

The 1913 Flood Commemoration is an initiative of the City of Hamilton and Miami University Hamilton via the Michael J. Colligan History Project. Partners include Butler County Historical Society, Butler County Courthouse, Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra, Hamilton Visitors Bureau, Heritage Hall, Lane Public Libraries, Partners in Prime, Cox Media Group Ohio, and many community volunteers. Special thanks to Franz Klaber Orchestra.

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