Re-imagining the Flood in 3-D

Logos: Colligan History Project, 1913 Flood, and City of Hamilton
As part of the Hamilton Flood of 1913 centennial commemoration, the City of Hamilton’s Alison Haskins, Rose Haverkos, and Chad Toussant have been developing a 3-dimensional map to explore what would happen if a flood on the scale of 1913 struck the city of today. Thanks to the remarkable engineering works put in place by the Miami Conservancy District in the wake of the flood, similar catastrophe is unlikely in the foreseeable future. That said, the City of Hamilton 1913 Flood Hamilton Map raises the powerful question of “what if” disaster were to recur, as well as providing valuable insights predicting the consequences of any future flood event.

The following animation powerfully mixes graphic depictions of the flood against a 3-D landscape of contemporary Hamilton, together with archive photographic images and recorded testimony by flood survivor Marion Hooven Renick Hallowell, recorded in 1980.

For more on the making of this video, click below to read the article by Richard O. Jones in March 21’s Hamilton Journal-News.

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