The Lutie Gard Letters During the 1913 Flood: A Dramatization

Kathy Creighton and Richard Piland

Wednesday April 17, 7.30 pm

Butler County Historical Society, 327 N. 2nd Street


Flood Drama at BCHS

Make plans to join us at 7:30 p.m. on the evening of April 17, 2013 when the Butler County Historical Society presents “The 1913 Flood, as seen through the eyes of Lutie and Homer Gard, Hamilton, Ohio”.    Based on the letters written by Lutie and Homer Gard to Lutie’s sister, Lillian Matthias, during the 1913 flood, the evening will give you a sense of what it was like to live during those harrowing days. 

The letters were donated to the Butler County Historical Society by Betty Lewis Rump, the niece of Ethelyne Gard Gramm, Homer Gard’s second wife.  They were transcribed by Richard Piland, who found them when researching the Gard family for a book he was writing about Hamilton’s leaders.  Piland also wrote the script for this special performance.

The production will be staged in the Emma Ritchie Auditorium and is free and open to the public

*** further announcement***

A Time of Terror – Personal Stories from the Neighborhoods During the 1913 Flood, is now open at BCHS. The exhibit tells first hand accounts from the 1913 flood. Also included are stories about the animals and how they were affected by the rising water.

BCHS is also working on compiling a complete list of all of the victims of the 1913 flood. Official accounts from 1913 list 200 victims, but we have already compiled over 400 names of people who either are missing, drowned or died from complications that were a direct result of the event.  If you had a family member who perished as a result of the flood, please contact us to be sure that they are included in the account. We are working on a special commemorative book for all of the victims that will become a permanent part of the flood archives. We are also interested in collecting pictures and background information for these people.

The exhibit is in the basement of the Emma Ritchie Auditorium and will be open throughout the summer.  Please make plans to stop by and see this special exhibit.


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