Voices from the Past: RoseMary Vogt Riegert

Logos: Colligan History Project, 1913 Flood, and City of Hamilton

MonumentHighStreetBridgeIV Wile collection

Images from Rob Wile collection (left) and Brian D. Lenihan (right), courtesy Michael J. Colligan History Project, Miami University Hamilton.

Another voice recovered from the Hamilton Flood of 1913, following the earlier posting on this website of Marion Hooven Hallowell’s oral testimony. In this 15 minute, 23 second recording the late RoseMary Vogt Riegert reflects on her experiences as a flood survivor. The interview was conducted by her daughter Rosie in 1982, at which time RoseMary (b. 1905) was 77 years old. RoseMary was the youngest of seven children, whom she names in the recording (Clara, Agnes, Mayme, Lillian, Leona, and Ferd). Her parents were Clara Holbrock Vogt and Joseph Vogt.

Many thanks to Kristie Bunger for bringing this recording to us, and to Aaron Renner at Miami University Hamilton for converting it to its current digital format.

Click below to listen (note: this recording includes some background noise).

1 thought on “Voices from the Past: RoseMary Vogt Riegert

  1. So good to hear Grandma’s voice again. Boy do I hear my mother when she talks. Thanks for the recording Mom and for sharing it cousin! Love the old stories.

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