Flood of 1913: Centennial Commemoration Gallery

Folks: thanks once again to everyone for making this spring and the Centennial of the 1913 Hamilton Flood a memorable success!  The organizers, volunteers, and participants who took part are a tribute to this community’s spirit, and the Michael J. Colligan History Project was honored to share in the historical commemoration.Although the events program is over, the centennial itself is worthy of remembering. To that end, Hamiltonian Jack Armstrong (a notable Flood Commemoration volunteer) captured a magnificent gallery of the 2013 Centennial Commemoration, which we are now proud to add as a permanent feature of our 1913 Flood webpage. All photographs were taken this spring from March 12 through May 4, and can be viewed by clicking on the link below:Flood of 1913: Centennial Commemoration Gallery

5/4/2013: Community Festival, RiversEdge Park & Amphitheater

5/4/2013: Community Festival, RiversEdge Park & Amphitheater: (l-r) Charlotte Smith; Matthew Smith (Colligan Project); Steve Haid; Ladonna Hoskins (Colligan Project); Howard Epstein; Curt Ellison (Colligan Project); Celia Ellison.

Looking to the future, the Colligan Project and its community partners hope to build on the outstanding public participation, and invite your comments and suggestion on legacy projects to permanently commemorate the Flood Centennial. Please send your ideas by email, or feel free to post them on this website or on our Facebook page.

Coming soon: more on the Colligan Project’s Fall 2013 schedule of events.

Comments or suggestions? Please contact Curt Ellison at: ellisocw@miamioh.edu; tel. 513 785 3230, or Matthew Smith at: smithmd6@miamioh.edu; tel. 513 785 3175.

Have a wonderful summer!

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