The War for the Great Lakes: A Symposium

lake_erie-p33Tuesday, October 8, 7.30 pm

Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Miami University Hamilton

A Symposium with George Ironstrack, Myaamia Center, Miami University; Larry Nelson, Editor, Northwest Ohio History; G. Michael Pratt, Miami University; David Skaggs, Bowling Green State University; and Andrew Cayton, Miami University, convenor.

The War of 1812 was fought in Ohio two hundred years ago. As the “Second War of Independence” entered 1813, bitter fighting raged between the United States and the British, their Canadian allies and American Indians.  Join us as a distinguished panel of historians share differing perspectives on events and their significance at a key turning point in American history.

  • Free public event. Reception to Follow.

Oliver Hazard Perry, Hero of Lake Erie: A Dramatic Performance

Jeremy-Meier-will-portray-Commodore-PerryJeremy Meier

Professor of Theater, Owens Community College

Tuesday September 24, 7.30pm

Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Miami University Hamilton

On September 10, 1813, Oliver Hazard Perry led his squadron into one of the most significant battles during the War of 1812.  In this solo performance, Jeremy Meier depicts Commodore Perry five years after the battle.  Join “The Hero of Lake Erie” as he recalls the challenges of building a squadron in frontier wilderness and the climactic battle against the British in what would be a decisive act to preserve the Old Northwest for the United States.

  • Free public event. Reception to follow.

The War of 1812 in the West: Our Fall Schedule

Dear Folks,

Death of TecumsehOur fall 2013 program “American Wars, American Lives: The War of 1812 in the West,” got off to a flying start yesterday evening with Gregory Evans Dowd’s reflections on “The Tecumseh Legend as History.” Dowd explored the legends surrounding Tecumseh, delving  into controversies surrounding this mercurial figure, while placing Indian resistance to US expansion in the context of the War of 1812. Audience turnout was impressive, but for those who missed Prof. Dowd (and for everybody else), we’ll  update our video archive shortly. Stay posted!

Meanwhile please click below for the official Michael J. Colligan History Project Fall 2013 schedule, “The War of 1812 in the West.” Special thanks is due (once again) to Miami Hamilton’s Chele Dienno for our excellent publicity material!


On behalf of us all at the Colligan Project, our thanks for your continuing support!

Matthew Smith

Assistant Director, Michael J. Colligan History Project