What’s Your Story? Jack Kirsch

Miami University Hamilton Downtown Center, 221 High Street

Heritage Stories of the Miami Valley

What’s Your Story? Moderated by Shaun Higgins

Wednesday, April 2 @ 7pm

Jack KirschJack Kirsch, Hamilton City Manager 1975- 1983, had a distinguished and visionary public service career. During his tenure, the High Street Underpass, Columbia Bridge, Route 4 Bypass, Southwestern Ohio Industrial District, Butler Regional Highway, Twin Run Golf Course and other projects important to both the city and region were completed.

  • Free public event. Reception to follow.


Sad News

HTWThe Colligan History Project is saddened to hear of the passing of local business leader and philanthropist Harry T. Wilks, who died yesterday morning on his 89th birthday. A raconteur, art collector, and veteran of the World War Two Pacific campaign, Harry was a true pillar of the Hamilton community and a generous donor to many local causes, charities, and institutions, including his alma mater Miami University (class of 1948).

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In September 2012, Harry kindly invited the Colligan History Project and TvHAMILTON into his unique residence, Pyramid Hill, where he was interviewed as part of the What’s Your Story? Heritage Stories of the Miami Valley series. Harry’s reminiscences can be viewed below.

The Colligan Project extends its sincere sympathies to Harry’s family and friends.

Through the Perilous Fight: The Story of the Star Spangled Banner at the Battle for Baltimore

Thursday, March 13 @ 7.30 pm

Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Miami University Hamilton

Steve Vogel, The Washington Post

VogelPicSteve Vogel covered the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first Gulf War, operations in Somalia, Rwanda and the Balkans, the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, and was an embedded journalist in Iraq. Join him for the fascinating story of how Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812. With performances by Bess Arlene Camacho, Soprano, and Hamilton High School’s award-winning Rhapsody in Blue Show Choir.

  • Free public event. Reception to follow.

1913 Great Miami Flood on Film

The Colligan History Project thanks friend and past presenter Trudy E. Bell for drawing to our attention the following unique footage of the Great Miami River Flood of 1913. These rare images are now housed in the Glenn R. Walters collection in the University Archives and Collections, University of Dayton. As Trudy notes: “Silent motion picture news films shot of the 1913 flood raging in Ohio and Indiana may represent the first time a natural disaster was caught on film while it was still in progress.” To find out more, see Trudy’s installment “Screening Disaster” in her blog chronicling the 1913 flood: