Dillinger on Trial: A Living History Event

Jeremy Meier interprets the notorious and charismatic bank robber who famously claimed, “These few dollars you lose here today are going to buy you stories to tell your children and great-grandchildren. This could be one of the big moments in your life; don’t make it your last!”

Jeremy Meier, Associate Professor of Theater, Owens Community College

Tues. April 21 @ 7.30 pm, Wilks Conference Center

John Dillinger faced the media several times during his February 1934 incarceration. His later jailbreak from Crown Point, Indiana thrust Americans into a frenzy of speculation about his whereabouts, plans and thoughts. What if John Dillinger had an opportunity to face the public, this time as a free man? What would people have asked him? And what might Dillinger have said?

  • Free public event
  • Reception to follow

1 thought on “Dillinger on Trial: A Living History Event

  1. This was very good……..I really enjoyed it. I believe Jim Blount is going to have a presentation on May 6. I would like to have Jim’;s email address as I have a question for him….supposedly John Dillinger had a still with my dad, Jim Wells, here in Hamilton……….

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