Flood of 1913: Centennial Commemoration Gallery

The Hamilton Flood of 1913 Centennial Commemoration ran from March 1 to May 4, 2013,  generating an unprecedented program of events.  Partners included  the City of Hamilton, Michael J. Colligan History Project, Miami University Hamilton’s Downtown Center, Butler County Historical Society, Lane Libraries, Heritage Hall, the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts, and many others.

Hamiltonian Jack Armstrong (a notable Flood Commemoration volunteer) helped capture the public response and the diversity of local events on camera.  This gallery represents the vitality of Hamilton’s community, looking to the future while remembering the past.

Click images to enlarge:

The Michael J. Colligan History Project maintains this web page as a permanent legacy project of the Hamilton Flood of 1913 Centennial Commemoration.

Any questions or comments? Please contact Curt Ellison at: ellisocw@miamioh.edu; tel. 513 785 3230, or Matthew Smith at: smithmd6@miamioh.edu; tel. 513 785 3175.

We welcome your comments on this web page!

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