Dolibois Prize

About John E. Dolibois History Prize

The Michael J. Colligan History Project of Miami University Hamilton, in association with the Hamilton Community Foundation, confers the John E. Dolibois History Prize.

The Prize is given for substantial and sustained efforts to promote the teaching of and learning about history in the community and throughout the nation. The first two recipients of this prize were Ambassador John E. Dolibois himself and former Miami University President Phillip R. Shriver.

The prize consists of a citation and an engraved glass sculpture depicting the torch of the Statue of Liberty.


On April 12, the 2018 John E. Dolibois History Prize was awarded to Jon Meacham (pictured), presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize winning author of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House.


Previous John E. Dolibois History Prize Recipients:

2002: John E. Dolibois
2003: Phillip R. Shriver
2004: Christopher Browning
2005: James H. Billington
2006: Douglas Brinkley
2007: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
2008: Susan Eisenhower
2009: Allen Guelzo
2010: Allen R. Millett
2012: William Cronon
2014: James M. McPherson
2016: David McCullough


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